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Our Head Chef
Meet Priyanka the founder of Klever Kookie Content.

I’ve had a deep passion for writing for as long as I can remember. After I received my engineering degree, I explored careers as a scientist and a high school teacher before I had to take a break.

It was a break that changed my life.

During that career pause, something incredible happened – I stumbled into the world of content creation, a journey I hadn’t even dreamed of. Fast forward six years, and here I am, fully immersed in the B2B content industry, working with various clients and content agencies across the globe.

But I had a bigger vision.

Priyanka John


I wanted to put together an in-house team of world-class writers and deliver the highest quality content for B2B companies like yours to scale organic growth. I was fortunate to find incredible writers and editors with global experience who believed in the same dream.
So, here we are, a skilled content team ready to tackle your content challenges head-on.

We’re on a mission to help you create well-researched, purposeful content to build authority in your industry and win the hearts of your customers.

We’re on a mission

To Help You Create Well-Researched, Purposeful Content To Build Authority In Your Industry And Win The Hearts Of Your Customers.

Let’s work together and smash your content and organic growth goals!